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The Help Mission in the Republic of Kosovo began its operation during the emergency phase in Kosovo in 2000. Aer several years of pausing with activities in Kosovo, Help started with the project “Support to socio-economic stability through empowerment of micro business sector in Kosovo” in May 2015.

The overall objective of the project is to contribute to the sustainable development and the stability in targeted areas with the main focus on economic empowerment. The specific objective: job creation through direct economic and educational support to the micro business sector in Kosovo.

The project is financed through funds from the German Federal Foreign Office, the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare of the Government of the Republic of Kosovo and partner municipalities. It is implemented by Help – Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe e.V. Kosovo

Activity type

  • Agriculture
  • Crafts
  • Services


  • Albanian
  • Serbian
  • RAE
  • Other

Geographical Area

  • Rural
  • Urban

Gender Classifications

  • Male
  • Female


  • Primary School
  • Secondary School
  • University
  • Advanced

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Signing cooperation agreement

Meetings with municipalities are organized at the very beginning of the project implementation in order to confirm planned activities as agreed during the project preparation phase. In accordance with the previous experiences each municipality appoints representatives to follow up and liaise with the Help project team during the implementation of the project. In line with the planned activities Cooperation Agreements are prepared and sent to local partners for official approval and signature

Information Campaign

Information campaigns are organized and implemented in cooperation with project partners and relevant stakeholders as well as media representatives. A number of open information meetings were organized for interested individuals. The aim of the meetings is to inform potential

Signing contracts with clients

The selected applicants, will receive in-kind grant assistance in the form of equipment and/or material in the average value of 2,000 EUR and appropriate business and professional training. The grant contracts are signed between Help and the selected applicants, specifying the rights and obligations of each contractual party and conditions under which the transfer of ownership will eventually take place. Main obligations are: to repay 15% of the total value of the donated equipment with an average value of 2,000 EUR to Help via bank transfer to register the business activity in accordance with Kosovo legislation before receiving equipment, or in case the business is already registered to legally employ at least one person to attend training organized by Help If the supported client fails to fulfill the above stated obligations it will lead to the cancellation of the contract and withdrawal of the donated equipment.

Purchase and Distribution of the Equipment

Purchase and distribution of equipment starts after the grant contracts with the selected clients have been signed. The preparation of tender documentation includes specification of equipment and grouping the articles for purchase. Distribution of the equipment will be done according to standard Help procedures accompanied by appropriate documents and in timely manner. Previous experience has shown that, as an added value, the equipment for the beneficiaries is usually purchased to a large extent from local companies, thus further supporting the local economies in targeted areas. Distribution of the equipment for Help clients will be followed up by Help Field Officers.

Business and Vocational Trainings

Each supported client gets the opportunity to benefit from business and vocational training provided by Help Kosovo through accredited local service providers. The support is provided to all

Monitoring and business advice

The main features to be monitored are the following: training implementation, distribution of material inputs, start and progress of the registration procedure, start-up and development of individual businesses. The most important task of Field Officers, however, will be the follow-up and provision of additional assistance to the supported micro businesses. The Field Officers will have to maintain and update the clients’ files with all the relevant information necessary to evaluate their progress towards achieving the planned objectives. More importantly, their experience and special training will help the entrepreneurs in overcoming obstacles and difficulties encountered in their day-to-day activities and provide them with additional motivation and incentives. In more difficult cases, Help will ensure the guidance of external consultants.
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    In this phase Help Kosovo is engaged in information campaigns with citizens of specific Municipalities where they get informed about necessary information about grants


    in this phase citizens of specific Municipality prepare the application documents to send via post to Help Kosovo address in Prishtina


    Registration of all applications, selection of short listed clients to be visited, home visit and selection of final clients, signing contract with selected clients


    Purchase of material inputs for selected clients


    Distribution of material inputs for the selected clients